‘Grammarly’, the software that corrects grammatical errors

To avoid mistakes when writing in English, in case it is the non-native language, Google Chrome has developed an extension for this purpose and teaches how to use it.

As the many industry experts indicate, it is not an imitation of the Google translator, but a spell checker. It’s called Grammarly and not only corrects grammatical errors but works with the context.

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“Grammarly” serves to correct simple sentences and long texts. Its use is free, with or without an account created on the platform. The difference is that, with an account, the interface is similar to that of any text editor.

Once the paragraph or sentences to be verified is entered, “Grammarly” will issue diagnosis in the background with the errors in the text. At the same time, as seen in YouTube images, the proofreader will show errors in the same text in a function very similar to the one Office uses in its systems.

In addition to making corrections, Grammarly gives an explanation of each error. In this way, users can also learn from them. The application also recommends synonyms that can be better with the text in question.

What is Grammarly

They have both a free plan and a paid plan. The free plan will provide all the necessary suggestions and allows us to clear all the mistakes. When coming to the paid plan you will find many more options from Grammarly in order to correct all the mistakes.

You can feel the difference in your writings for sure. Have a look at the Grammarly Paid Plan with a discount and enjoy the unlimited service for free easily.

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