What is Grammarly? – Is it worth using?

With more than 15 million users, Grammarly has positioned itself as the most popular proofreader in the world, let’s see why so many people use it and if it is suitable for you.

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What is Grammarly?

Grammarly is an application or extension for your browser that verifies grammar, spelling, punctuation, sentence structure or even style. It also has a plagiarism detector that checks more than 16 billion web pages. Only available for English.

Not a simple spell checker, Grammarly analyzes the entire sentences.

It can be used in several ways. The most common is to install the extension in Chrome, so you can use it when you write emails and messages in Gmail, Outlook, Messenger… with documents and projects such as Google Docs, Slack, Jira… and on social networks such as Facebook, Medium, Twitter, Linkedin …

What is Grammarly

It is compatible with Microsoft Word and Outlook, you just have to install the add-in.

It can also be used on phones with iOS and Android operating systems. So you can also have this corrector on your mobile. You just have to go to the App Store or Google Play Store and download it.

Versions of Grammarly

There are two versions in Grammarly. One is the free version and the other one is paid version.

  • Grammarly Free Version: You can use the Grammarly free version easily but the free version is limited to few features only. You can explore many additional features in the paid version.


  • Grammarly Premium Version: As we all know premium version has all the awesome features. You can explore to main excellent features while writing for your projects. Grammarly Premium is a paid version, so you need to buy it. Even though you can check this Grammarly Discount for getting premium in less price.

Who is Grammarly Indicated for?

As you have seen Grammarly is an English proofreader, it will not write for you. This means that you have to know English, you have to express yourself more or less correctly so that this tool can detect what you want to say and then offer you the most correct option.

In my particular case, Grammarly is perfect, I know how to speak English but I did not learn it in the academy. I learned it by practicing, when I speak it is more or less correct but when I start writing I commit many grammatical mistakes since the construction of sentences writing must be Something more formal, my English is very informal.

A test that works: when I write an email by myself, people can detect that I am not a native. But when I use Grammarly it is much harder to detect it. They even believe that I am a native in English.


Grammarly is a very complete software, especially in its paid version. If you write a lot in English and you are not native, this tool will be very useful when writing any document, emails, messages …

If you are studying English I recommend it, especially its Premium version where it will explain the grammar rules every time you make a mistake.

This is my opinion, if you try Grammarly I would like you to write yours in the comments.

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